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Paper Sculpture Competition

An Inter-House Paper Sculpture Competition was held in the Home Science lab for classes IX - X. Theme of the competition was 'Be good to planet' All the participants designed beautiful and creative paper  dresses.
1st Position
2nd Position
3rd Position

    • Paper Sculpture Competition
    • Paper Sculpture Competition
    • Paper Sculpture Competition


    Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition - Euphony

    Music is healing. Music holds things together.”
    An Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition - Euphony was organised for classes VI- VIII.  

    All the participants not only played the instruments with passion and zeal, but they were successfully able to pull the heartstrings of the audience and had them grooving to their tunes. H.M Senior Wing Ms.Nishu Pandey along with the judges  appreciated our budding Instrumentalists. The School principal Dr Manishasharmaapplauded the unique talents of budding musicians.

      • Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition - Euphony
      • Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition - Euphony
      • Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition - Euphony
      • Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition - Euphony
      • Inter-House Solo Instrumental Competition - Euphony


      Earth Day Celebrations

      "The man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones” – Confucius

      Small steps, can make a huge difference, so this Earth Day, VIS SCIENTIA SOCIETY took one such step.

      our very own Green ambassadors conducted a fun-filled story narration session to spread awarenesss and celebrate the day.
      They narrated short stories in a joyous and interactive manner, that got our little munchkins involved as well! This activity was able to inculcate a meaningful and essential skill so as to see our little venkian saplings grow into environmentally concerned citizens and make this planet a better place to live in!

      To spread awareness VIS scientia society conducted an interclass competition for the jolly little ones of classes  III-V.
      Each section had to propose one law they would introduce if they could, for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment. The topics for the same were-

      Class III- ‘One law to reduce use of single use plastic’
      Class IV- ‘One law to reduce energy wastage’
      Class V- ‘One law to better e-waste management’

      The students participated with utmost enthusiasm and was a well interactive and informational event!

      POSTER MAKING  on marine life and plastic pollution is done.also Case study on different environmental problems given to classes.

      Awareness is the door through which change enters; and Poetry is an awareness of the world.
      For centuries, the human race took the dazzling biodiversity of life on Earth, for granted. But as threats to our natural environments escalate and extinction rates increase, the plight of our marine fauna is exigent. We know that plastic that ends up as ocean debris contributes to their habitat destruction and kills tens of thousands of marine animals each year; yet we fail to decrease our consumption of it. It’s time for humankind to work harder to preserve the breadth of the plethora of species we share our home planet with. We must shift our attitude towards nature and fellow organisms from domination, to one of companionship.
      To spread awareness about these pitiful conditions, we invited our budding poets and writers of classes IX-X, to come forward and express their feelings and thoughts by pouring them out into their strong, impactful words and verses.

      To launch the concept of ‘Green Classrooms’, we invited all the students of class XII to make small yet meaningful contributions and create their own microgardens, in their respective classrooms. Each student  made a planter, by reusing household items like bottles, disposables, pots etc.

      The section that curated the most impressive, lush and exuberant collection of planters were awarded with the title of a ‘Green Classroom’ and all the students were provided with a certificate for being Green Ambassadors.

        • Earth Day Celebrations
        • Earth Day Celebrations
        • Earth Day Celebrations
        • Earth Day Celebrations


        English Poem Recitation Activity

        Paradise or paradise lost....
        With the theme of saving the planet Earth, the students of Class 3 participated in the English Poem Recitation Activity.
        The confidence, expressions, beautiful props and the spirited participation of the students mesmerized the audience.
        These little kids gave a powerful message to do our bit for the planet through their innovative poems.

          • English Poem Recitation Activity
          • English Poem Recitation Activity
          • English Poem Recitation Activity
          • English Poem Recitation Activity
          "A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves. ~ Henry Ward Beecher "
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