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With members from Classes 8th to 12th, we boast a good variety of interests in this club.

Parth BarthwalGeneral Secretary
Mudit MalhotraQuizzing Head
Anshul KathpaliaCreative Head
Arshdeep GillGaming Head
Hiranyamaya DashDiscord Manager 
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Venkateshwar International School will be hosting it's first Tech Fest completely online! Join us on 18th October to be a part of it. More info on discord.

All The Events

Show off your coding skills under a time constraint in this event.
We hope you will be prepared

Quizzes aren't generally hosted online. Even we were stumped. But we have managed to do it. Presenting the first online quiz event.

Design websites, design apps, design whatever it takes to make your product look good. Do you have what it takes to sway in the investors?

Make a presentation on the provided topic, but present it to us discord. How will you fare?

On-the-spot movie making with a surprise topic. Limited time, limited topics, limited props. How will you manage?

A regular gaming event.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Any Queries?

Members and Staff over at our Discord server would be more than happy to be of help.

More Info on Events

Classes: XI and XII
Teams per school: 2
Number of members per team: 2

The event will be hosted on
The questions will be provided to all the participants at the same time.
Failure of submission of answers will lead to disqualification.
The usage of online resources is prohibited, any team found using the web will be disqualified. 

Classes: IX to XII
Teams per school: 1
Number of members per team: 2

2 preliminary rounds

Round 1: Time-bound round, you get 20 seconds per question. Only top 12 teams qualify for the second preliminary.
Round 2: Brainstorm; 30 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. Top 6 teams qualify to the finale.

Finale: The top 6 teams compete in a format that will be disclosed as we progress. 

Classes: XI and XII
Teams per school: 1
Number of members per team: 2

Pitching participants are required to make a deck, with the help of their design team, to pitch their product. The pitch will be followed by questions from the judges.
The students are required to make a web page, an application and a logo for their product followed by a pitch movie/video.
The video should be of no more than 5 minutes.
Marks will be deducted for exceeding the time limit.
This event will test your creativity and presentation skills.
Judgement will be on how convincing the pitch sounds and how creative the application, web page and the logo are.
Teams will be given their topics on 14th October, 2019.

Classes: VIII to X
Teams per school: 2
Number of members per team: 2

10 to 20 content slides (Excluding welcome, thank you or other non content slides) required.
Presentations need to be made in an eye-grabbing manner.
Marks will be awarded on the basis of understanding of the topic, the complexity of the presentation, originality of content, creativity, and general appeal of the presentation.
Presentations may be created on MS-Office PPT-2019 or below, Microsoft Sway, Powtoons, Prezi, etc. Just know that it should be accessible and viewable on all devices.
One presentation per team. 

Classes: IX to XII
Teams per school: 1
Number of members per team: 2 to 4
Topic: Video Game Adaptation

Description: Create a movie adaptation of a video game.
The movie should strictly be PG-13.
All entries need to be uploaded to YouTube (as unlisted) and the link sent on the Discord server (channel to be specified) no later than 11:59 AM, 18 October, 2019.
The movie duration should not exceed 7 minutes.
Any sort of plagiarism will not be tolerated, the team will be disqualified.
Usage of stock footage is allowed only to spruce up the movie a LITTLE bit (example: Drone shots).
However, the usage of any kind of relevant background music is allowed. Suitable acknowledgement must be provided.
Judgement Criteria: Creativity, Originality, Relevance to the topic, Technical Skills, Brownie Points :)  

Classes: IX to XII
1. All the titles will support cross-platform, thus the brackets will be made regardless of the platform selection of participants.
2. A player cannot participate in more than one game. 
3. Students may participate from outside their school (Home, Cyber Cafe, etc)

A. Rocket League
Teams per school: 1-2
Members per team: 1 (SOLO)
Platform(s): Steam (PC), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Additional note: Controller is not necessary for PC players.

B. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Teams per school: 1
Members per team: 5
Platform(s): Steam (PC)
Additional Note: Prime is required to prevent use of hacks (matches will still be closely moderated). Competitive playlist.

C. Brawlhalla
Teams per school: 1-2
Members per team: 1 (SOLO)
Platform(s): Steam (PC), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Mac 
Additional note: A free-to-play fun arcade game! Recommended for those new to gaming. 


Our Contacts


Venkateshwar International School, Sector 10, Dwarka,
New Delhi- 110075 


Ms. Meenu Kumar: 8750564505
Ms. Puja Dahiya: 9871781835
Ms. Preeti Adhikari: 701198302

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