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A Letter To Shramdaan

A Letter To Shramdaan

Friendship - A Precious Bond

An ordinary person in this world may think of countless things as ‘important’ to him. But in my case, the word ‘friend’ describes them all. We all have heard of books and dogs being quoted as our best friends. In today’s era, even electronic gadgets are being referred to as our friends. These things are our companions at all times and we all enjoy being with them. In my opinion a friend is a person whom we like, feel happy being with and who meets us often.
Man is a social animal. He is born into this world and gradually learns to make friends who get his life going. Friends affect our life in various ways. We can always share our thoughts and feelings with our friends. A feeling of light-heartedness is experienced after sharing our feelings with friends. Friends give us company at all times and support us morally in tough times and times of need. Friends often act as an impetus to people who have lost hope and help them regain confidence. A person may not always listen to his parents or his teachers, but he will never ignore any piece of advice given by his friends. So it is necessary for a parent, teacher or a coach to try and become a child’s friend to understand him and guide him morally.
Friends also influence a person’s demeanour and habits. Hence it is important for any person to choose between good company and bad company wisely because this can completely influence a person’s attitude. For a long-lasting friendship to develop between two people, it is essential that there be tolerance and compassion between them. Both of them need to be candid with each other. In friendship, it is necessary for the two people to accept each other the way they are and never try to modify their basic nature. We should follow the motto of ‘forgive and forget’ and should not pick up quarrels on petty issues. There is no space for ego between friends. There must not be any communication gap between two friends. Being secretive can also hamper friendship. Trust is the warp and woof of friendship. The threshold of friendship is the development of faith and trust between two people.
Tolerance, faith, trust and compassion are the virtues that help in making long lasting friendship.
Making and maintaining friends is an art. A person with a good personality is likely to have friends, and the more the friends, higher are the chances of the person being happy perpetually.
Friendship joins the hearts of two people and brings them closer to each other. It is the most valuable and precious bond that one can ever possess, so we should forever try to fasten it and increase our number of friends. Kahlil Gibran has rightly said –
‘Friendship is always a sweet responsibility,
never an opportunity’

Tushaar Neb