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Every Crisis Brings a New Opportunity

India is in a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19. All schools, colleges and universities are closed. However, learning never stops. Many educators are using technology to connect to their students. Venkateshwar International School has always been a trailblazer, be it innovative teaching pedagogies or rising to unforeseen global challenges like the one we are facing right now. Our teachers have taken this as a challenge and are leaving no stone unturned to see that our young learners make optimum use of their time in quarantine. 
Communication is important. Apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have proved to be a boon for teachers to connect with their students. These apps allow teachers and students to chat, meet, call and collaborate while sitting at home. The journey began with staff trainings. VIS conducted on-site and online trainings for its teachers. Thankfully, the teachers were well equipped and trained much ahead of the calamity.

On the very first day of the country-wide lockdown, the teacher fraternity did rise to the occasion. Students’ teams were formed to facilitate communication. Assignments and notes are being shared nowadays with students on a daily basis. Teachers utilize one-on-one and team interactions to clear doubts. 
Of course, the cherry on the cake has been the virtual classes! VIS teachers conduct online classes every day on Microsoft Teams, which has given multiple benefits to students. Teachers discuss lessons, assignments and clear students’ doubts through Teams calls and meets.

Few teachers have also shot their own videos and uploaded the same on Teams or are sharing links with students. This is then carried forward with doubt clearing sessions in real-time. 




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Our primary kids of class I-II are given small tasks everyday so that they become self-reliant and help their parents in house-hold chores. After all, all learning is not through books!

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Virtual Classes






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Creative ways of assessments… quizzes using Google Forms, Kahoot and Quizizz




Promoting Yoga for students’ well-being

Guided yoga classes are a big hit with our students!











The world may have come to a halt but learning should not. Remote learning has led to greater productivity. 
The journey of inventing and re-inventing has always been a prominent feature of VIS………..
VIS hosts the first ever Night long Skypeathon in Delhi 

VIS students used the wonderful opportunity of Microsoft Global Learning Connection (Skypeathon) on November 5-6 2019, to travel virtually through the night to various locations around the world – USA, UAE, Australia and Africa! 


The students of class XI participated in this first of its kind mega event. Skype sessions were held from 9.30 pm on 5 November 2019 to 6. 30 am on 6 November 2019. The skype sessions covered various topics like Careers in IT, Study of Holocaust - long lasting effects of Intolerance, Fusion of Art and Fashion, Cyber Security and Netiquette etc. It helped to give tremendous global exposure to students as they interacted with their peers from around the world.
As part of our Australian bridge programme, we interact with students of School of Total Learning, Queensland, Australia on regular intervals. A wide plethora of topics are discussed – career choices, recycling and reusing items to protect environment etc.
The journey is a tremendous one! Every year VIS holds several skype sessions with other countries to fuel student imagination and open new windows for learners.

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