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From the Principal's desk

Life in VIS is a journey of self- discovery.

My mission as the Principal is to steer ahead with a comprehensive approach that energises students and helps them grow as compassionate and responsible global citizens. We encourage students to construct their own learning spaces. This creates opportunities for students to become confident, thinking, independent individuals who are sensitive to diversity and are able to face the challenges of their time. We understand that it is imperative for our young learners to inculcate self-belief in an age of information overload.

Innovation is a 21st century skill which is deeply embedded in and integral to research. Today since core competencies like problem-solving and decision-making are taking the edge in a technology-driven world, we at VIS are constantly engaged in the holistic development of students by identifying their unique abilities and providing them with individual support with an emphasis on competency based learning, which will ease their transition into their lives outside these portals.
"The closed mind, if closed long enough, can be opened by nothing short of dynamite. ~ Gerald W. Johnson "