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First prize at Chemicon
First prize at Chemicon   ...

Our student Vanshika Bhat of class XII won the first prize at Chemicon, at DPS Dwarka where students had to create a comic strip on a given topic from Chemistry on the spot. Vanshika bagged the prize for her brilliant and ingenious creation.


    Anti-Tobacco Campaign
    Anti-Tobacco Campaign   ...

    Anti-Tobacco Campaign

    “Smoking leaves an unseen scar,

    It fills your insides with toxin and tar.”

    To discourage the habbit of smoking and to encourage the students, grade IV employees and the people around us, an Anti-Tobacco Campaign was organised by the students of the senior and middle wing on 10th October, 2019, under the guidance of Ms. Sana Kapur and Ms. Sonia Chawla.  A variety of activities were held such as, Peer Moderator session with Class IX students, Peer Moderator session with grade IV employees, Nukkad Natak in the neighbourhood areas, Poster Making activity and an Anti-Tobacco pledge was taken as well.

    The campaign was well received by the people and a lot of motivation was seen amongst them.  The event was a great success.


      World Mental Health Day
      World Mental Health Day   ...

      Mental Health needs more sunlight, empathy and candid conversations. The senior wing students celebrated World Mental Health Day on October 10.  A plethora of activities were conducted to raise awareness regarding the Importance of Mental Health. The students participated with vigour and zeal in numerous activities and competitions i.e Poetry, Nukkad Nattak, Photography, Peer Moderator sessions with class IV and Poster Making. The Psychology students of class XII also played Dumb Charades and enacted various concepts like Poverty, Pollution, Crowding, Noise, Human Environment Relationship and Pro social Behaviour. The awareness program was a huge success in drawing attention towards mental illness,  its consequences and ways to cope up with the same. An effort was made to destigmatised people’s approach towards mental illnesses. 


        A Moment to Cherish!
        Education world award 2019   ...

        We are ecstatic to share that VIS has ranked 7th in Delhi City, 12th in Delhi State & 17th in India as per Education World Ranking 2019, September Issue. 
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