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Inter House Historical Character Parade
Inter House Historical Character Parade   ...News & Updates

On 24 August 2018, an Inter House Historical Character Parade was held in the auditorium for Classes VI-VIII.  The students enacted the characters from the Indian history like Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, Chand Bibi, Prithviraj Chauhan, etc. and exhibited exemplary theatrical skills.  The performance was applauded by one and all.


    Independence Day Assembly
    Independence Day Assembly   ...News & Updates

    Special assembly for the Independence Day was conducted by Social Science department. The programme started with a wonderful patriotic song, followed by an inspirational skit on the freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil. Then the students presented their dance depicting Unity in Diversity. It was a mesmerizing fusion performed by the students. The assembly ended with the splendid performance of our little orchestra team. The whole environment was filled with nationalism and patriotism.


      BULLY TO BUDDY WEBINAR   ...News & Updates

      “Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”

      -Theodore Roosevelt

      As part of anti-bullying campaign stage II, students of middle and senior wing attended ‘Bully to Buddy’ webinar by Fortis on 1.08.2018. Dr. Samir Parikh conducted the session to build awareness and sensitize the students about bullying in school and its effects on the students. The session provided basic skills required to tackle bullying.


        BULLY TO BUDDY: A 100- Day Campaign
        BULLY TO BUDDY: A 100- Day Campaign   ...News & Updates

        full-fledged 100-day Campaign designed to combat Bullying in schools have been introduced by Fortis Healthcare reached to Stage 3: INTERVENTION PHASE where an intensive 3 hours training workshop was given by Ms. Aleena (Art therapist) and Ms. Chitwan (Counselling Psychologist) to our VI-VIII, IX and XI students and to our Nodal Teachers of the Anti- Bullying squad on 10th August 2018, Friday covering preventions and interventions to tackle the phenomenon of Bullying.

        The experts included blends of power point presentation, role play, interactive discussions
        and Q&A round in the workshop to give an in-depth understanding of various terminologies in Bullying.

        The Anti-Bullying squad received special training as how to lead the campaign to their fellowclassmates
        spreading awareness on Bullying. Our students also learnt about Social Mediainitiatives that can be used to showcase their joint efforts to inspire community at larger levels.

        Our Middle wing Head Mistress Ms. Nishu Pandey expressed a token of appreciation by presenting a “Goody Bag” to the experts for their enthusiasm throughout the campaign.


          Safe Touch And Unsafe Touch
          Safe Touch And Unsafe Touch   ...News & Updates

          There is a growing concern among the parents about the safety of their children. Our school counsellor, Ms. Sana Kapur conducted “safe touch and unsafe touch” sessions with students of class III in the month of July 2018. The students were taught the touching safety rules, good touch, bad touch and various ways to respond when someone touches in an inappropriate way. The students were taught about ‘Talk alert, See alert, Hold alert, Touch alert and Alone alert’ as means to recognise uncomfortable feelings. The student’s participated in the quiz at the end of the session to reflect on their learnings.


            Session on Good touch - Bad Touch
            Session on Good touch - Bad Touch   ...News & Updates

            In collaboration with Fortis, a session on ‘Good Touch - Bad Touch’ was conducted for students of grade V. The aim was to make the students aware about child safety. The students were taught how to identify their emotions and feelings with good and bad touch. They were encouraged to think of three adults with whom they could safely share their concerns. It was an interactive session and students participated with great interest.


              Independence Day Assembly
              Independence Day Assembly   ...News & Updates

              The alluring morning of 13th August 2018 was filled with an ardent expression of 72nd Independence Day celebrations by the Primary Wing, exhibiting great zeal and fervour!

              The stimulating talk/compering done by the students stirred and enlivened the patriotic feel within the audience.

              The programme started with the prayer followed by an enlightening poem recited on our National flag. Children enacted as famous freedom fighters remembering their contributions to the free air that we are breathing in today. A melodious Qawaali based on our love for the country and a theme based solo dance (with hoopla movement) added to the brightness of the occasion. The celebration culminated with an exhilarating dance performance uplifting the spirit of freedom in each and everyone present there. The Headmistress, Primary Wing, addressed the spectators bringing the assembly to a successful completion.


                FLAVOURS OF INDIA
                FLAVOURS OF INDIA   ...News & Updates

                As directed by CBSE, the activity ‘Flavours of India’ was carried out successfully under the title of EK BHARAT, SHRESHTH BHARAT! The children of classes IV and V participated enthusiastically wherein each house was allotted a different state. They brought food items and drinks pertaining to each state and displayed in the Yoga Hall very innovatively. In addition to it, they spoke about the mouth watering dishes/cuisine that were laid out in a manner appealing hugely to everyone’s eyes as well as taste buds. The instruments were the highlights too.

                Each house took a round of all the states and favoured the variety of food item and drinks presented very creatively. The entire activity was highly appreciated by the authorities too. This activity was followed by a ‘Gallery Walk’ wherein children put up the information very extensively describing the allotted state’s food, costume, festivals, historical importance and places of tourist attraction.

                A C.C. Matrix based on the varied information was given to all the students during the ‘Gallery Walk’ wherein they observed the material displayed by all the states to grasp and mention in their sheets. This led to a substantial increase in their knowledge about different states in our country.

                The purpose was met successfully by the end of both these activities


                  Celebrating Hindi Diwas
                  Celebrating Hindi Diwas   ...News & Updates

                  To commemorate with the Hindi Diwas, students are being encouraged to read Hindi books.  Reading sessions of the book titled ‘Karmath, Juharoo Aur Sashakt Mahika: Kiran Bedi’ for students of Classes VIII, IX & X are taking place during their library periods.  Students are getting inspired by her achievements as she is the first female IPS officer.  She has also been a Chief Guest on one of our Annual Day Celebrations.


                    CBSE Workshop on Capacity Building
                    CBSE Workshop on Capacity Building   ...News & Updates

                    Two day capacity building programme on Political Science was conducted in Venkateshwar International School under the aegis of CBSE from 13th August 2018 to 14th August 2018.  The Resource Persons were Ms. Santosh Vyas, Vice Principal, Sadhu Vaswani International School for girls and Ms. Neera Kohli, Retired Vice Principal of DAV School.  
                    The workshop focused on the teaching techniques to be used for giving interactive lectures.  A fruitful discussion was also held on Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Seventy three schools from Delhi and NCR were part of the workshop. The teachers carried back a lot of knowledge & information which they gathered in the most interesting manner through role plays, interactive games and discussions.


                      Enlightening Session by an Alumnus
                      Enlightening Session by an Alumnus   ...News & Updates

                      On August 2, 2018, Krishna Kohli, a promising alumnus of VIS held a motivating talk / session for the students of senior wing.  He shed light on how to prepare for the BOARD Examination.  He also briefed students about the admission procedures of various foreign universities.  The session was quite informative.


                        Inter House Computer Gaming Competition
                        Inter House Computer Gaming Competition   ...News & Updates

                        On 20 July, 2018 Dauntless – an Inter House Computer Gaming competition for class XI – XII was hosted by the computer department of Venkateshwar International School. The aim of the event is to test the proficiency of students and also nuture their expertise. The event was the culmination of the hard work of class XI and XII students – 

                        1. Ayush Nanda – XII RD       

                        2. Gunpreet Singh – XII RD

                        3. Tejas Gandhi – XII RD

                        The event saw an overwhelming participation from students of all houses. Each team consisted of two students. There were three rounds and each round was a knock-out round. Students had to play various games on computer as well as Android phones. The games ranged from 

                      •  CS Source – an action game
                      • Half Life Death Match – a strategy game
                      • IDARB - A jumping football game
                      • Results:

                        I Valour House

                        II Integrity House


                          ‘EXPLORE 2018’
                          CAREER FAIR@ VIS   ...News & Updates

                          VIS fosters students from VIII to XII to choose careers by meeting National and International universities at the Career Fair organized in the school on August 4th, 2018, Saturday in collaboration with Envision India Eduservices. 

                          The Career Fair started with a green welcome accorded to the esteemed Director, Ms. Mrinalini Kaura and respected Vice Principal, Dr. Manisha Sharma ,by Ms. Jyotsna Bhardwaj, Director Envision India Eduservices followed by inauguration of the fair by the Director and Founder Principal, Mrs. Mrinalini Kaura who lit the auspicious lamp.

                          The representatives of 18 international and national universities satisfied the parents’ and students’ queries related to the choice of future careers. The footfall of the visitors was immense.

                          This fair turned out to be a great success.

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