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Learning Beyond Walls and Miles!!!
Learning Beyond Walls and Miles!!!   ...News & Updates

On 27 December 2016, VIS students of class XI had a Skype session (virtual video call) with Ms. Soheir Zaki Abdel-Fattah, a middle school teacher in Alexandria, Egypt. The topic of the session was “Celebrating Christmas”. Our students shared with her how Christmas is celebrated in Delhi and questioned her about the various traditions in Egypt during Christmas.
Ms. Soheir shared about the Christmas feast after the church service.  The big Christmas meal always includes meat, eggs, butter, ‘Fata’ a lamb soup which contains bread, rice, garlic and boiled lamb meat.  Further, Ms. Soheir explained that Egyptians consider the beautiful city of Alexandria to be their second capital. The most interesting fact was shared that Santa Klaus is called Pere Noel in Alexandria!! 
It was a huge learning experience!!


    Christmas Fun!
    Christmas Fun!   ...News & Updates

    VIS, Sector-10, Dwarka celebrated the Christmas Assembly on 23 December 2016 with great pomp and show.  The play ‘The Seven Sins’ enacted by the students of the school depicted how humans are slaves to their impulses but at the same time how can we practice self-control and lead a meaningful life.  A vibrantly dressed troupe of students danced away to foot-tapping songs.  The rhythmic carols sung by the school choir brought mirth and cheer and uplifte3d everyone’s spirits. 

    The school band of musicians entertained students and teachers thoroughly as they played latest songs. 

    The Vice-Principal, Dr. Manisha Sharma, appreciated the sincere efforts put in by teachers and students.


      Farewell to Ms. Anita Rampal
      Farewell to Ms. Anita Rampal   ...News & Updates

      The VIS fraternity got together to give a warm farewell to Ms. Anita Rampal, Senior English Teacher and the creative Head of the school on 26 December 2016.  The teacher put up a presentation in her honour which included a medley of English songs and also a lovely hindi song written specially for her.  The Vice Principal, Dr. Manisha Sharma applauded Ms. Rampal for her relentless and invaluable service to school for more than a decade.  The Director, Ms. Mrinalini Kaura appreciated her unparalled contribution to the school and also presented her a gift and memento.  Her absence will be dearly missed.


        VIS ends the year with a bang!!
        VIS ends the year with a bang!!   ...News & Updates

        Computers and Information Technology have, without a doubt, changed the world entirely. Modern School, Barakhamba oraganised its 28th Annual Computing Symposium on 16 & 17 December 2016. The event saw the participation of almost 90 schools from across Delhi and the NCR. 
        VIS students in keeping with the winning tradition, bagged several prizes:
        Harivansh Mehta and Bharat Singla (Class V) won second prize in Cadet Quiz
        Ashwik Raj and Saanvi Puri (Class VII) bagged the second prize in Sub Junior programming.
        Several audience prizes were also won for answering questions in Senior Crossword.


          Maths Quiz
          Maths Quiz   ...News & Updates

          On Friday 16 December 2016, an Interhouse Maths quiz was organised by the Maths Department for classes IX & X.  The rounds included were Maths Around us, Mathematicians, Choose a number, Crossword and Rapid fire round.
          Results :
          Strength I
          Truth II
          Valour III


            CLASS XII Preboard Practical Schedule (2016-17)
            CLASS XII Preboard Practical Schedule (2016-17)   ...News & Updates

            CLASS XII Preboard Practical Schedule (2016-17)


              Dwarka City Torch Bearer Awards
              Dwarka City Torch Bearer Awards   ...News & Updates

              In a glittering award ceremony, Shubham Bhardwaj, a student of class XII of VIS was awarded the prestigious Best Student (Boy) Award and was chosen as one of the proud Torch Bearers of Dwarka.  The award ceremony was held at the Radisson Blu, Dwarka.  Shubham was conferred the award by Chief Guest Ajay Maken, MP and former Speaker and Guest of Honour, Shri Mahabal Mishra.  This spectacular award ceremony was attended by local dignitaries, eminent citizens and residents of Dwarka.  


                Proud Achievers
                Proud Achievers   ...News & Updates

                In the month of December, two budding scientists from Venkateshwar International School -Saksham Kukreja and Shubham Bharadwaj were invited to participate in the prestigious Vigyan Jyoti Shivir, commonly known as KVPY-the Vijyoshi Camp which spanned over a period of four days.  Often referred as the Lindau meet of India, this Annual National Science Scholar (Vijyoshi) Camp provided a forum for interactions among bright young students of high schools and colleges and leading researchers in various branches of science and mathematics.  This year the camp was held at IISER, Kolkata where a congregation of experts ranging from Directors of IITs to Laureates from the University of Bristol, readily shared their knowledge and enthused the participants to bring about a change in the world.  Apart from these experiences, our students were also offered generous fellowships for pursuing a career in the field of science.


                  Workshop on Focus
                  Workshop on Focus   ...News & Updates

                  An enlightening session was conducted on 9 December 2016 by an alumnus of VIS Mr. Kaustubh Sharma on – ‘Focus – The Power of Clear Thinking.’  He emphasized on the identification of stumbling blocks – PROBLEMS of our lives and develop skills to tackle them.  We need to prioritise, communicate, make strategies and act promptly to overcome these problems.  It was quite an interactive and informative workshop.


                    Unleash the Reader in you!
                    Unleash the Reader in you!   ...News & Updates

                    VIS in association with Kindle-Amazon, organised the read to lead contest on 6 November 2016.
                    Students of classes VI-VIII displayed extra-ordinary oratory skills while reading a text from the list of selected books vis-a-vis clarity of speech, voice modulation, diction, fluency, expression and body language.
                    This initiative by Kindle aimed at fostering children’s love for reading in a fun and interactive way.  The contest encouraged students channelize their passion for reading into presentation and public-speaking skills required for holistic development.


                      Kindle Reading Contest
                      Kindle Reading Contest   ...News & Updates

                      A reading contest was conducted by ‘Kindle’ for classes IV and V in which the students participated with great zeal and fervor.  Everyone was given a ‘Kindle’ to read their favourite story. They were dressed up as the character from the story they wanted to read.  Their enthusiasm was visible.


                        Chintan Workshop on Knowledge Vs Skills
                        Chintan Workshop on Knowledge Vs Skills   ...News & Updates

                        As part of the ongoing Chintan self-discovery programme.  Our school Director, Mrs. Mrinalini Kaura held a session ‘Knowledge Vs Skills’ on 3 December 2016 in the school.  The workshop saw participation of all the Sankalp Sahodaya group teachers from various reputed schools of Delhi.

                        In this four hour engaging session, teachers actively participated in the activities which were designed to foster communication collaborative learning, analytical thinking and augmentation of creative thinking. 

                        The teachers shared their view point and gained immensely from the brainstorming group discussion which were conducted during the workshop.


                          Change in Examination Schedule of Class XII
                          Change in Examination Schedule of Class XII   ...News & Updates

                          Change in Examination Schedule of Class XII
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